Being aware of the development of events in the last years and particularly in the last months of the year 2015, we feel obliged to call attention to the serious developmental tendencies from which it is possible to read the heading towards destruction of traditional life and community values in the individual member states and their regions.

Due to its experiments, its wantonness and also its incompetence to protect the freedom and independence of the individual member states, the imaginary phenomenon of ruling higher power acting under the designation of the European Union has completely broken away from the ground out of which this power had originally arisen – from the traditions and values of the European continent. The citizens of the EU countries are now hostages of this power, without a chance to defend themselves effectively against its political decisions.

What we are experiencing now is the very beginning of an end of a tragic experiment, which is outwardly shielding itself with noble words of democracy, freedom and rights, yet in reality it is powered by a greedy engine the very core of which is composed of purely economic and profit-oriented interests.

In the history of mankind, whenever the interests of profit or the greed for unlimited power outweighed moral values, there always started an inevitable decline, sooner or later. It is the same with the project of the European Union these days.

At the very beginning of this project stood – and now it is even more so – economic interests, not the motivation to ennoble the individual nations in their own identity and freedom.

The utilitarian financial interests often negatively influenced historical events at the times when it was necessary to take clear and effective actions to protect the population. Following invisible paths, those interests weakened the measures needed for helping and protecting the population, and often made them even impossible. Devastating wars that followed were only necessary consequences of these destructive influences. Nowadays the protection of EU citizens fails in the same way as it was in the times of the falls of ancient empires.

Uprooting of traditional values, degradation of noble ideas, loss of trust in institutions, enabling barbarian manners, and finally leaving the inhabitants to tender mercies without efficient protection of the spiritual and material dimensions of their lives – so is the procedure that is repeated whenever  values and traditions based on spirituality-imbued humanity disappear from human society.

Lie is becoming an everyday norm again on all levels of today´s society. The conformance of those serving the power is flourishing anew. Chaos and contradictions rule instead of true knowledge of what to do. The governing power shows inactivity or even deliberate betrayal of the inhabitants. Ignorance of the lives of individuals – EU citizens – is a standard for the current development in the decision-making of the governing institutions. The ignorance of the inhabitants´ healthy thinking and their self-preservation instinct is clamorously called an achievement of the humanitarian principles in the 21st century.

A tradition stemming from the spiritual fundament of many previous generations is loudly denied by manipulative arguments speaking of the development of democracy and humanism, which are – according to the mentioned arguments – heading for their top developmental stage, bearing the designation of multi-cultural society. These wannabe noble words are spoken as if progress is concerned. However, this highly-praised enrichment through multi-culturalism defies natural laws. Yet there is nothing easier than to ask a small child about what colour we will get by mixing all colours together. The colour resulting from this is neither rainbow, nor any uplifting kind of colour. The original brightness and intensity of the individual separate colours is ruined into a degraded indefinable mixture.

The same as the result of blending colours, multi-culturalism, which is so proclaimed as progress, must manifestate itself in the same way, too. Instead of quality and refreshment, which consist in the individual independently existing cultures of mankind and which give rise to health and prosperity, multi-culturalism brings only unrest, tension and decay of all cultures.

Bearing all this in mind, we take the liberty to raise a warning voice here and point out the wrongness of the current development as well as the possibility of growing complications.

In this context, we also strive to suggest a solution, which could lie in the restoration of independence in the decision-making concerning the direction of the individual states when searching for ways in their own development.

Independence and freedom in decision-making, in our point of view, does not have to and does not impede collective measures taken with other countries in many directions of cooperation. Cooperation is always a way towards finding good solutions if the participating parties can decide in the given agreements equally and independently with full responsibility for themselves.

In conclusion, we warn first and foremost against preferring the economic interests to the moral ones. If this trend does not change, the decline of all life´s certainties of the inhabitants of the EU countries will most likely become inevitable.

In fact, this warning is an appeal for actions addressed to all those who feel that they can help with their experience, abilities and especially their wisdom to avert the threatening development of the current events.


Česká Konference (Czech Conference)

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