Being aware of the development of events in the last years and particularly in the last months of the year 2015, we feel obliged to call attention to the serious developmental tendencies from which it is possible to read the heading towards destruction of traditional life and community values in the individual member states and their regions.

Due to its experiments, its wantonness and also its incompetence to protect the freedom and independence of the individual member states, the imaginary phenomenon of ruling higher power acting under the designation of the European Union has completely broken away from the ground out of which this power had originally arisen – from the traditions and values of the European continent. The citizens of the EU countries are now hostages of this power, without a chance to defend themselves effectively against its political decisions.

What we are experiencing now is the very beginning of an end of a tragic experiment, which is outwardly shielding itself with noble words of democracy, freedom and rights, yet in reality it is powered by a greedy engine the very core of which is composed of purely economic and profit-oriented interests.

In the history of mankind, whenever the interests of profit or the greed for unlimited power outweighed moral values, there always started an inevitable decline, sooner or later. It is the same with the project of the European Union these days.

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